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Meet Podstrana



Podstrana is a small town in central Dalmatia, located in the coastal part of historical Republic of Poljica, near Split. It faces the sea and the islands, with the high hill of Perun (533 meters), a coastal reef of the Mosor mountain range, behind it, stretching along the 6 km long indented coast.

The cradle of what is today Podstrana is Stara Podstrana (Old Podstrana), which loyally guards a line of old houses made of rock situated beneath the hill of Perun, in whose courtyards and narrow streets the spirit of olden days pulsates uninterrupted. Stara Podstrana guards its rich history and beauty in the conserved nature, magnificent churches and historical buildings, which reveal an impressive historical culture. The oldest church dates from the 11th century.


In summer, when everything is peaceful and quiet, with the song of cicadas and the gleam of old lanterns, the most beatiful verses are recited in the courts of old Čitovnica, at the poetry gathering for one ‘s body and soul called “Dobrojutro more” (“Good Morning, Sea”).

For a complete gastronomic experience, “o’ praske” nights and olive oil days take place in Stara Podstrana, accompanied by the traditional Dalmatian klapa songs. Stara Podstrana’s patron saint, St Anthony of Padua, did not let the town be forgotten, so each year on 13 June, a procession passes through the town in his honour.

This space of rock, thorny broom, sea and sun, changed its appearance, its structure and the demographic structure throughout the history. It has inspired us to revive it, and reveal to you all the charms of Stara Podstrana.

It is adorned not only with houses made of rock and the conserved nature, but also with a breath-taking panorama. Tranquil at dawn, when roosters and birds wake it from its sleep, when the first rays of sun overcome the old windows to reach the sleeping local. It delights at dusk, when the last rays of sun bring out all the beauty of the sea, the islands and the rocks, and makes the hearts of the romantic and those less romantic skip, inviting to the beloved’s embrace.