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Villa Gorica

Villa Gorica is a part of Stara Podstrana. As inheritance, it was passed on from generation to generation in our family. It is as if its every rock had an impression of the exhausted, wrinkled arms of the worker who had built this dream house with love and patience. It withstood the burden of years, alone, with sorrow in its walls, waiting for the young hands to restore it to its well-deserved splendour.
Today it shines like never before. Close to Villa Gorica, it was sad to look at the old olive orchard of our fathers as it silently wept and looked around in shame, thinking whether its saplings would ever soar to the sun.
Today it is no longer sad, nor ashamed; today it proudly soars to the sky. To keep it company, we have planted new olive trees, so that the old olive trees can tell them their story and teach them everything.


There is an old saying:

“An olive tree is like a mother – if you leave it and forget it, it will always take you back with open arms when you return.”

Along with the olive orchard, we have peaches, vegetables and a vineyard, all ecologically grown. We would be delighted to show you all of this, so you too can enjoy the wonders the nature gives us.
Long beaches with numerous entertainment facilities are only 3 km away from Villa Gorica. After the beach, you can enjoy bicycle and mountain treks in Stara Podstrana, from which a beautiful view, ideal for photography enthusiasts, stretches. In the evening, you can enjoy Dalmatian konobas (trattorie) with their traditional dishes and a game of balote.
The house consists of 3 rooms with double bed, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen with a dining room, a living room, 2 terraces, a garden, a swimming pool and a parking for 3 cars.